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My name is Victor Acosta, and I am a research scientist at Google [x] Life Sciences. We work on novel nanoparticle-based molecular imaging approaches for early detection of disease.

I am also a visiting scientist at UC Berkeley. My current research interests include massively-parallel computational microscopy, unconventional magnetic resonance spectroscopy, spin-based biological and condensed-matter imaging, and scalable few-photon nonlinear optical networks in both the quantum and classical regimes.

Previously I was a postdoc in Charles Santori and Ray Beausoleil's group at HP Labs. We performed quantum optics experiments with Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. In particular we coupled NV centers to optical microcavities to form integrated photonic circuits for quantum computing and sensing. We also used optical cavities fabricated from bulk GaAs and quantum wells to perform photonic logic at very low energies (order 100 photons).

I did my PhD work in Dmitry Budker's AMO group in the UC Berkeley Physics dept, graduating in 2011. I spent the first 3 years of my graduate studies working on atomic and molecular physics related to vapor cell magnetometry. For the last 2-3 years we studied the basic properties of NV centers to develop better protocols and methods for the many quantum computing and magnetometry applications. We also built the first generation of micron-scale magnetometers, which we envision will find application in NMR detection of small numbers of spins and mapping of highly localized fields.

Here is a version of my CV updated March 2015.

This is my PhD thesis: Optical Magnetometry with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond Thesis v2.

2014 News

Our paper Cavity-enhanced room-temperature magnetometry using absorption by nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond is now published in PRL, featured as an editor's suggestion, and covered in a Viewpoint by Fedor Jelezko.

News and Views on weak measurements paper by Delft group:
V. M. Acosta, “Strength of weak measurements”, Nature Physics

2013 News

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