This is a webspace for logging optical magnetometry notes.


  • 2/21/11 Detection of the Meissner effect with a diamond magnetometer is now published in NJP. Also on the archives.
  • 9/27/10 Broadband magnetometry by infrared-absorption detection of diamond NV centers is now published in APL. Also on the archives.
  • 9/1/10 Optical properties of the nitrogen-vacancy singlet levels in diamond is now published in PRB Rapid Comm.. Also on the archives.
  • 8/3/10 Rubidium dimers in paraffin-coated cells is now published in NJP. Also on the archives.
  • 2/17/10 Check out Temperature dependence of the nitrogen-vacancy magnetic resonance in diamond inPRL or the archives.

Diamond (Budker)


Transfer Alignment Log book

Previous Work


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