Physics H190, Spring 2010

Neutron Physics

When and where: Wednesdays 4-6 pm, 2 EVANS

Format: One 2-hr lecture/seminar session per week (student participation strongly encouraged), bi-weekly homework assignments

Instructor: Professor Dmitry Budker

Professor's Office hour: by appointment (send e-mail to setup), 273 Birge

Synopsis and goals of the course:
Taking the neutron as a guide, we will venture into various diverse (but all very exciting!) areas of science from elementary nuclear physics to nuclear reactors and bombs, to neutron stars, to the beautiful physics of cold and ultra-cold neutrons, to measurements of the neutron electric dipole moments and the search for T-violation in β decay, to neutron interferometry and the direct demonstration of the fact that a 2π rotation multiplies a spin-1/2 wave function by (-1), to material science with neutrons…

Required text: none

Recommended texts:

Grading policy: the grade will be based on the homework, participation, and oral presentation in class

Invaluable resource: questions on organizational aspects of the course may be directed to Ms. Claudia Trujillo of Physics Student Services


Find out about the most recent Nobel Prizes in Physics!

Highly relevant meeting: Research Opportunities with Ultracold Neutrons in the USNovember 6--7, 2009, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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