Physics 129, Fall 2010

Introduction to Elementary-Particle Physics

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When and where:
 Lectures: Tu, Th 11-12:30, 9 Evans;  Discussions: Tu 5-6, 85 Evans or Tu 2-3, 385 LeConte 

Format: Two interactive lectures per week (student participation strongly encouraged), weekly homework assignments, one discussion section per week

Instructor: Professor Dmitry Budker

Office: 273 Birge, Labs: 203/207, 217, 219, 221, 230, 241, 245, 249, 269 Birge

Professor's Office hour: by appointment (send e-mail to setup), 273 Birge

GSI: Byung Kyu (Andrew) Park; office hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 2-3 in 465 Birge

Synopsis and goals of the course:

We will discuss the elementary particles and interactions that appear in the Standard Model, and the ways we study them. An overview of experimental techniques (accelerators, cosmic rays, detectors,  ...) and the basic theoretical tools such as Feynman diagrams will be reviewed. Time permitting, we will also touch upon such topics as elementary nuclear physics, and  particle-physics experiments on a table top. Common-sense estimates, the method of dimensions, and various approximate techniques will be emphasized as opposed to formal calculations. 

Required text:  Introduction to Elementary Particles   by David Griffiths

Recommended texts:

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Grading policy: the grade will be based on the homework, participation/oral presentation in class, and the final examination in equal measures  

Invaluable resource: questions on organizational aspects of the course may be directed to Ms. Claudia Trujillo of Physics Student Services


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